ELIA answer to CREG public consultation from 05/01 to 06/02 on draft decision (B)2947 regarding modifications in the T&C BRP by the CREG


The CREG has organized a public consultation related to its draft decision (B)2947 containing the amendments to the T&C BRP proposed by CREG. 


Those amendments to the T&C BRP proposed by the CREG consist in integrating the rules for the calculation of the imbalance price (currently described in the Balancing Rules) in the T&C BRP. Those rules would apply for calculating the imbalance price in two different situations:

  • before the connection to any European balancing platform; and 
  • following the connection to the European balancing platform PICASSO (without connection to the balancing platform MARI);

The rules for the calculation of the imbalance price that are proposed by the CREG for connection to the PICASSO platform contain some adaptations compared to the rules that are currently described in the Balancing Rules that have been approved by the CREG on the 19th of July 2022 (decision (B)2433).  

On this webpage, Elia publishes its response to the public consultation organized by the CREG. In this response, Elia emphasizes and substantiates its comments and concerns regarding CREG’s proposal and in particular the concern that the CREG proposal threatens the secure operation of the system. Elia also highlights how those concerns  can be mitigated. 

In addition, Elia’s response contains 2 annexes with expert opinions that confirm the concerns of Elia regarding the secure operation of the system.   

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