Innovation strategy as part of the incentive to promote innovation for the regulatory period 2024-2027


Public consultation regarding the innovation strategy developed by Elia for the regulatory period 2024-2027, aimed at identifying the major areas where Elia intends to implement innovation projects over the next four years.


In accordance with Article 26, §2 of the Decision of 30 June 2022 establishing the tariff methodology for the electricity transmission network and for electricity networks with a transmission function for the regulatory period 2024-2027 (hereafter "the tariff methodology"), Elia has developed an innovation strategy. This strategy describes the major areas in which Elia intends to implement innovation projects during the four-year tariff period 2024-2027.

In accordance with the tariff methodology, Elia is organising a public consultation on this innovation strategy in order to give all stakeholders the opportunity to comment on this strategy.  

The innovation strategy starts by setting out the expected trends and their respective impact on the transmission system for the regulatory period 2024-2027. Following is an overview of the innovation domains included in the strategy. Linked to this, the specific objectives for each innovation domain are clarified. Finally, the innovation process within Elia is explained.

The innovation strategy is written in English.

Consultation period

Elia invites all stakeholders to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the document submitted for consultation. The consultation period runs from Monday 27th of March up to and including Thursday 27th of April, 2023.

Reply form

Please use the online form to reply to this public consultation:

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