Public consultation on the “Rules for suspension and restoration of market activities” and the “Rules for settlement in case of suspension of market activities”


Elia is organising a public consultation on the second proposal on the “Rules for suspension and restoration of market activities” and the “Rules for settlement in case of suspension of market activities” (hereinafter referred to as “Market Suspension Rules”) as required by articles 36(1) and 39(1) Regulation EU 2017/2196 establishing a network code on electricity emergency and restoration (hereinafter referred to as “NC E&R”).

The purpose of this consultation is to obtain comments from the market parties. Two presentations of this new proposal were done informally to market parties during the Working Group European Market Design and System Operation (WG EMD&SO) of 14th October 2022 and the Working Group Balancing (WG Balancing) of 22nd March 2023.


In article 36(1) of the NC E&R, there is a requirement for each TSO to develop a proposal for rules concerning the suspension and restoration of market activities by 18 December 2018. Similarly, and for the same deadline, article 39(1) of the NC E&R states that each TSO shall develop a proposal for rules for imbalance settlement and settlement of balancing capacity and balancing energy which shall be applicable for imbalance settlement periods during which the market activities were suspended.

In 2018, Elia submitted a proposal for these “Market Suspension Rules” to the CREG.

In September 2019, CREG decided, in its decision (B)1941, not to approve Elia’s proposal. It also required Elia to submit an adapted proposal considering the remarks that CREG formulated in its decision.

Besides to these adaptations addressing CREG’s comments in its decision (B)1941, this proposal of Market Suspension Rules takes also into account feedbacks that were provided by the market participants after the two presentations done during the WG EMD&SO and the Working Group Balancing. Several feedbacks received from the CREG during alignment meetings organized during the drafting process of this amended proposal were also considered and implemented into this adapted proposal.

The Market Suspension Rules proposal subject of this public consultation is available in two languages (French and Dutch). The explanatory note, providing additional details and justifications of some design choices is available in English. In addition, a tracked change version between the French version of this Market Suspension Rules proposal and the one submitted in 2018 is also provided.

Consultation period

Elia invites all stakeholders to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the document submitted for consultation.

The consultation period runs from 7th April 2023 to 8th May 2023.

After the consultation period, Elia collects all comments and feedback from the market parties. Elia will analyse these comments and integrate them into a consultation report together with Elia’s responses. In addition to the consultation report, Elia will publish the reactions of the market parties (including names) on the website, unless it is explicitly stated that the contribution is to be considered confidential.

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