Rational use of energy

Elia customers in Flanders can apply for a grant to help them implement energy-saving measures. How does this work?

Elia customers in Flanders (at voltage levels from 26 kV and up to and including 70 kV) can apply for an investment grant to help them implement measures intended to save primary energy. This is set out in the Rational Use of Energy (RUE) action plan.

What are the general terms and conditions?

What conditions (in Dutch) must a customer fulfil to be entitled to a grant to implement energy-saving measures?

  • First, an energy study must be performed, either by an accredited energy expert, the customer themselves or a third party appointed by the customer. The customer then submits their grant application to Elia. Only once Elia has approved the application can the customer order that the measure be implemented.
  • Any measures for which a grant application is submitted must be implemented within two years. An extension may be granted should implementation encounter unforeseen delays. Applications must be made in writing.
  • The maximum total grant per investment is €200,000 with a maximum cumulative ceiling of €200,000 for three consecutive tax years per final customer.
  • Invoices must be dated after the date of the energy study; moreover, they must be no more than one year old on the date of their submission.
  • The grants that can be awarded by Elia under the RUE action plan are limited by the available budget.
  • Measures covered by the CHP and green certificate system (e.g. solar panels) are not eligible for these grants. 


The flowchart below provides a general overview of the applicable procedure.

  • Energy study

    The energy study (or energy audit) is conducted either by an accredited energy expert, the customer themselves or a third party appointed by the customer. Accredited energy experts are those qualified based on an Energy Policy Agreement, the Decree on Energy Planning or another qualification system imposed by the Flemish government on those providing energy consulting services to companies. Energy studies or audits accepted under other Flemish government grant initiatives are also accepted here.



The following web page provides a list of organisations with energy experts able to perform an energy audit:

See also:
  • Applications

    Anyone wanting to apply for a grant must use the application form (in Dutch). Elia may ask for any additional information it deems necessary to complete the application process. Among other things, applicants are required to provide a calculation of the measure's potential energy savings for approval. 

    The grant is calculated based on payback time (PBT), with priority given to measures with a PBT of two to five years. The grant is calculated as follows:
    • PBT < two years: no grant
    • Two years < PBT ≤ five years: grant = (10×PBT-10)%
    • Five years < PBT ≤ ten years: grant = 40% 
    The maximum total grant per customer per site is €200,000.
    Please note that the PBT for new facilities or expansions of existing facilities is calculated on the basis of the additional investment and savings made compared to the existing situation.
    If an application is deemed admissible, Elia will issue its approval. Measures can only be launched after Elia's approval is obtained. Grants cannot be awarded to projects begun before the approval date.

  • Reporting

    Once a measure has been implemented, the applicant must submit the relevant reporting form (in Dutch) to Elia. They must also append the corresponding invoices to this form to provide documentary evidence justifying the full investment cost reported. Elia may also request additional information.

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