How to become an Outage Planning & Scheduling Agent

The responsibilities of Outage Planning Agents and Scheduling Agents are arranged through the OPA contract and the SA contract, which is signed by the BRP.

OPA contract & SA contract

Elia coordinates generation units (including outage planning, scheduling and redispatching) through the OPA contract (Outage Planning Agent contract) for Outage Planning and through the SA contract (Scheduling Agent contract) for scheduling and redispatching. Generation units with an installed capacity of 25 MW or more that are connected to the Elia grid, are subject to these contract. Other generation units may also be covered by the contract with a view to enabling coordination by Elia (units which are liable to seriously affect the Elia grid) or offering specific system services (if a contract for coordination is a condition for delivery of the service).

The Balance Responsible Party (BRP) takes the role of Outage Planning Agent and Scheduling Agent for each of the relevant units in its portfolio by signing the OPA contract and the SA contract with Elia.

Future transition

In the (near) future, Elia will amend the OPA contract and the SA contract as part of first phase of the iCAROS program and in line with the new regulatory framework  laid down by the European Guideline on Electricity Transmission System Operation.

In accordance with the Federal Grid Code (Article 377), during a transitional period running until the implementation of the second phase of iCAROS design, the BRP will continue to act as the Outage Planning and Scheduling Agent. From the implementation of the second phase of iCAROS design, new conditions for the appointment of Outage Planning and Scheduling Agents will apply in line with the new design.

Anyone wishing to connect new units to the grid or looking into the possibility of doing so can apply to the Key Account Managers for an OPA contract and a SA contract.
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