In the interest of Society

As a responsible company, Elia is committed to creating a sustainable future for all its internal and external stakeholders based on four key areas of sustainable development: prosperity, the planetpeople and partnerships. Elia is aware of the impact of its activities and makes every effort to minimise these effects or turn them into something more positive.
To this end, the new Public Acceptance Division aims to facilitate acceptance of all Elia's activities to make sure that we have a 'licence to operate' for both our new infrastructure projects and maintenance operations on our existing infrastructure.

For Elia, respecting the environment and local communities is a rule of conduct that can trigger a virtuous circle: it means that we can preserve biodiversity, the earth's resources and the richness of the local culture, and facilitates acceptance and the creation of new infrastructure, generating financial gains for shareholders and society, which can enjoy a safer, cheaper and more efficient service.
We have also demonstrated our focus on the community by creating initiatives that are valuable to society and are a clear sign that we are contributing to the growth of civil society.