Grid Development

The grid is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of both society and consumers. Elia plans its investments so that it can efficiently solve future challenges.

Elia proactively plans grid development investments in line with the needs of society, changes in the electricity market, renewable energy targets, and so on.

Elia uses development plans to present its grid development projects to the authorities and market players. Visit our Development plans page for more information.
More specifically, the federal development plan aims to establish the measures needed to ensure our high-voltage grid can meet future needs in terms of security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness. Visit our Federal development plan page for more information.

In general , Elia favors connecting a new grid user to existing high-voltage substations so as to avoid having to expand its grid. Visit our Products-and-services/connection/process page for more information.

In particular, for connections of decentralized production units into the distribution grid and following the regional specificities Elia publishes indicative capacities for its transformer substations for conversion from medium voltage (distribution) to high voltage. Capacity of the Elia Grid To Accommodate New Decentralized Generation Units.