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This project entails dismantling the 2 x 70 kV overhead line and building a new high-voltage line between Ciply and Pâturages.

A vital link for ensuring the region's security of supply

The 2 x 70 kV overhead line linking the Ciply and Pâturages substations covered a distance of 8.1 km and included 66 pylons. However, it was erected in 1932 and was showing considerable signs of wear, so it had to be dismantled. A new high-voltage line must be built to replace it.

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    In the interest of society

    Short-term security of supply will be guaranteed through close cooperation with the distribution system operator ORES, which has carried out work to consolidate its system.

    This work entailed laying medium-voltage cables between the Jemappes and Ciply substations to strengthen the grid (also known as a trunk connection). In the event of an incident affecting the 70 kV connection that supplies the Pâturages substation, the ORES grid will ensure security of supply in the region.

    Despite the consolidation work, a new high-voltage electrical connection between Ciply and Pâturages remains vital, both to guarantee security of supply and to respond to the region's economic development, including the integration of renewable energies.

    A new project team is currently analysing the various options, Elia's ultimate aim being to come up with a solution that has the support of all the project's stakeholders.


01 April 2019

End of disassembly work

After a year and a half of work, the Ciply-Pâturages air link is now completely dismantled.

01 November 2018

Press visits site of dismantling work on Ciply-Paturages line

On 23 October, Elia invited the local press to visit the site of dismantling work on the high-voltage overhead line linking the Ciply and Pâturages substations.

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