Dismantling work begins: A multi-stage project

The 70kV overhead line linking the substations at Ciply and P√Ęturages dates back to 1932. Comprising 66 pylons over a distance of 8.1 km, it is showing significant signs of wear. Since this makes it no longer fit for purpose, and to guarantee public safety, Elia decided to fully dismantle the connection.

The project will be broken down into a number of stages. Stage one started in August and September 2017, when work began on improving the line's reliability. Several further stages will follow in 2018. Starting at the beginning of May, wooden frames will be put in place to support the disassembly of the line's conductors.

Next, from mid-June onwards, Elia's teams and the contractor will start the line's full removal. This will entail:

  • removing the conductors by the end of July;
  • dismantling the pylons and foundations (this will be the project's final stage).

According to the provisional schedule, the line should be fully dismantled by the end of October.

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