Work continues in Seraing

While work continues on the Route de Seraing / Rotheux, Elia will shortly be starting work on the next section, located in Rue des Nations-Unies in Seraing.

This stage will start on 7 August 2023 and will be phased, with a mobility plan adapted to each phase to ensure the safety of all road users. During both phases, traffic will flow in one direction only, from the Route de Rotheux / Rue de Plainevaux roundabout towards the Athénée Royal de l'Air Pur.

Work in two phases

The works consist of installing the electrical installations on the left-hand lane of the Rue des Nations-Unies (in the direction of the Route de Rotheux / Rue de Plainevaux roundabout towards the Athénée royal de l'Air Pur) and will begin with a preparatory phase on the right-hand lane
The pavement in the right-hand lane will be removed in order to widen this part of the road and guarantee the passage of vehicles and buses in this lane during the second phase. Pedestrians will be invited to use the left-hand pavement during both phases of the project. 

According to the provisional schedule, the two phases of the construction site will take place on the following dates: 

  • from 7 August, crews will remove the pavement on the right-hand side of the road (in direction of the Route de Rotheux / Rue de Plainevaux roundabout towards Athénée Royal de l'Air Pur). 
    During this period, motorists and cyclists will use the left-hand lane to reach the Air Pur area. Pedestrians will use the left-hand pavement.
  • from 20 August, the works will take place in the left-hand lane, where the trench will be dug.
    Car and bicycle traffic will be moved to the right-hand lane during this phase. The left-hand pavement will be maintained for pedestrians. 

Please note that the construction of the junction shaft (J4) between the two sections will require the complete closure of the Rue des Nations-Unies between 21 and 27 August. One-way traffic will be re-established on 28 August for the start of the new school year.

Work on this section is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2023. 

A diversion for motorists

A mobility plan has been put in place in conjunction with the local police and municipal authorities to provide an alternative for motorists. A diversion will be organised via Rue des Sables and Rue de Plainevaux.

Safety reminder

Strict compliance with instructions is essential

The high-voltage transmission system operator, aware of the duration of its construction site and its impact, would like to remind you that strict compliance with safety instructions and the Highway Code is essential to avoid endangering yourself or others. It is strictly forbidden to walk, cycle or drive on the construction site, and there are major hazards associated with doing so. Signs will be posted on each section of the construction site to ensure that all road users can coexist safely.

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