Soil survey as part of the environmental impact assessment

For the past few months, the East Loop project (Boucle de l’Est) has been in the hands of CSD Engineers, a European environmental technology and consulting company. This independent agency has been approved by the Walloon Region and commissioned by Elia to conduct the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and carry out a suitable Natura 2000 evaluation. This analyses the potential impact of the project and associated work on the environment in the broadest sense, including the soil, air, water, climate, biological environment, landscape and heritage, town and country planning, mobility, waste, health and safety, socio-economic aspects, acoustics, surroundings and neighbourhood. CSD will then provide Elia with a series of recommendations to avoid, limit or offset the potential impact on the environment. Elia will include these recommendations in the permit application.

As part of this EIA, surveys will be performed on site in March. These will comprise topographical measurements intended to hone the content of the technical inspection, as well as a seismic and geological survey of the subsoil. CSD will use the latter survey as a basis for more extensive analysis of the specific geological properties (water and soil) of the areas in question. As such, members of the project team will soon visit the site and contact the owners and/or operators in the field to conduct these surveys.

If you have any questions about the soil survey, feel free at any time to call us on 0800 18 002 or send an email to

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