Four sustainable citizen projects in Eastern Liège supported by Elia and Be Planet, a partnership for sustainable development

For over a year now, Elia has been working with the Be Planet Foundation to develop and support ecological transition initiatives by citizens in municipalities where Elia infrastructure projects are under way. Accordingly, on 11 October Be Planet presented the winners emerging from the call for projects launched in the municipalities of Malmedy, Stavelot and Stoumont. They each contribute to the three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental progress, and will be given material and/or financial support.

In Malmedy, Cap Terre, which trains job seekers in so-called 'ecological transition' sectors, plans to build a wind turbine and install additional photovoltaic panels to guarantee its energy self-sufficiency.
Malmedy's joint purchasing group (JPG) has set up the United Green Peasants (UVP) cooperative, which brings together local citizens and producers and plans to invest in the equipment needed to develop its activities.
The Parc Naturel des Sources nature reserve, which spans two munipalities, Stoumont and Spa, plans to develop a food action project called 'Aliment’action' designed to set up awareness-raising seminars and events focussing on food that is local, healthy and sustainable.
Finally, Le Cercle Intermills, which is active in 11 municipalities, including Stoumont, Malmedy and Stavelot, will support companies through a range of actions, e.g. by creating a network of dynamic regional stakeholders, bringing together economic actors or promoting companies and their know-how.

These selected winning projects, along with the project run by the non-profit association Monnaie le Sous-rire to create a series of booklets of tourist walks, will also benefit from the skill-based sponsorship of Ardennes Etape, based in Stavelot, and regular mentoring by Be Planet.

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