31 October 2021

CRM: results of first auction (Y-4) now available on elia.be/crm

BRUSSELS | Elia has published the results of the first capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM) auction for the 2025-2026 delivery year on its website.

The results show that market players offered sufficient capacity as part of a competitive auction. Both traditional and new market players participated. 40 offers were selected, representing a total capacity of 4,447.7 MW. Based on this selection, the annual average price is €31,671.57 per MW.  In 2024 (Y-1), a second auction will be organised for the 2025-2026 delivery year.

Key facts and figures 

  • The 40 selected projects represent a total capacity of 4,447.7 MW.
  • 66% of the offered capacity was selected: a total volume of 1,648.72 MW was selected for use over multiple years (under 8-year or 15-year contracts). 2,799 MW for 1 year.
  • The selected offers are very diverse in nature: 56% are existing units, 1% are batteries; 7% are demand side management and 36% come from two new (combined-cycle) gas-fired generation units.
  • The two new (combined-cycle) gas-fired generation units are projects in Vilvoorde (796.25 MW) and Les Awirs (805.35 MW). The weighted average price of the selected bids is €31,671.57 per MW per year. 

Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group
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