2014 - Results of completed consultation on the procedure of constitution of strategic reserve (winter 2015-2016)


A draft version of this procedure was made available for final consultation by all stakeholders (grid users, DSOs, federal regulator, the Energy Administration, etc.) on 23 December 2014. This draft version took as much account as possible of the comments received at and between ISR Task Force meetings.

All stakeholders were invited to submit their final comments by 16 January 2015 (11:59 p.m.), the end of the consultation period according to the timetable approved by the Administration, CREG and Elia. The feedback received from market parties can be found below (unless confidential).

Elia made clarifications to the text to improve readability and to incorporate adaptations in line with the Functioning Rules for Strategic Reserves and the Ministerial Decree of 15 January 2015. Several comments in the stakeholder feedback led to changes in the final procedure. An overview document outlining the impact of the feedback received during the consultation, the resulting adaptations and clarifications/justifications is available here (in French). 

  • Feedback received between 25/04/2014 and 16/01/2015
    • Reaction Belgian Demand Response Association
    • Reaction BASF
    • Reaction Febeg
    • Reaction Febeliec
    • Reaction CREG
    • Elia received confidential feedback from Synergrid on several issues relating to the draft procedure (definitions, legal framework on flexibility, DSO-SDR supplier contract, SDR certification, DSO submetering).
    • Elia received confidential feedback from EDF Luminus on several issues relating to the draft procedure (Certification of SGR Power Plant(s), relationship between SGR contract and other contracts).
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