2016 - Consultation on Elia’s proposed modifications to the ARP contract


Elia is launching a formal public consultation of the market players on modifications to the Access Responsible Party (ARP) contract. The changes to the ARP contract are required to take account of the new intraday capacity allocation method on the France-Belgium and Netherlands-Belgium interconnections, the so-called "Intraday Quick Wins".


The purpose of this consultation is to receive any remarks that the market players affected by the proposals might have.


The consultation period for modifications to the ARP Contract runs from January 15th to January 29th, 2016 (6 p.m.). The consultation period is quite short since the changes are purely technical in nature and since the aim is to introduce the Intraday Quick Wins as soon as possible.

The following documents can be consulted.

If you need more information about the general consultation of the proposition of Elia with regard to the intraday capacity allocation method on the France-Belgium and Netherlands-Belgium interconnections, please consult the website of the CREG: in Dutch  or in French   

Responses can be sent to Elia until January 29th, 2016 (6 p.m.) via e-mail. For any questions, please contact consultations@elia.be. If the duration of this consultation period should cause you any inconvenience, please inform us before 29th January.

These responses (with names) will be included in the official application file for approval of the changes to the ARP contract to be sent to the regulatory authorities. Elia will draft a consultation report that will be made available to all market players. If the market players so request, their responses will be handled anonymously in this consultation report.

Due to the lack of reaction to this consultation, Elia did not realize a consultation report. Elia presented the results of the consultation in the WG Belgian Grid of 1/2/2016 (see presentation).

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