Public consultation regarding a study on Transfer of Energy in DA and ID markets.


Public consultation regarding a study on Transfer of Energy in DA and ID markets.


Elia organized a formal public consultation of the market players regarding a study on the Transfer of Energy (ToE) in Day-ahead (DA) and Intraday (ID) markets.

The proposed study consists of two parts. The first part is a design study which describes the necessary design elements for an extension of ToE to DA/ID markets including the possibility of a simultaneous participation of a delivery point to different services (Combo activation) and with different Flexibility Service Providers (Multiple FSP activation).

The second part, called “market study”, analyses the economic opportunity of the extensions described in the design study based, on one hand the feedback from market players and, on the other hand, on the experience feedback and the relevant lessons learned from markets where ToE is already applied (reserved and non-reserved mFRR market segments in Belgium, NEBEF mechanism in DA/ID in France) and/or where there is a long term experience in Demand Response participation (PJM).

Elia has received feedback from the following market players:




The consultation period ran from June 17th until July 15th 2019. The aim of the consultation was to gather feedback from the market players on the proposed study.

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