Public consultation on Smart Testing methodology


Elia launches a public consultation on its proposal for a Smart Testing methodology, which aims at testing more efficiently the availability of reserves and thereby reduce the number of tests.
This study includes:

  • an overview of the current framework and an analysis of the key drivers on the number of availability tests to be performed;
  • the Smart Testing methodology including the guiding principles, the practicalities and new rules on performance of availability tests.

Elia publishes and distributes this study report for consultation in order to collect stakeholders’ views on the study in general and on priorities and implementation approach. The stakeholders’ feedback will facilitate the finalization of the study.
Elia will publish the final report of the study at the latest by December 23, 2020.


The assessment of the availability of the reserves is a legal obligation and contractual right of Elia. In this regard, Elia is testing throughout the year the procured balancing capacity for FCR, aFRR and mFRR to ensure the availability of the said reserves. The current approach is based on past observations on the reliability of procured services and on   the recorded success rate of previous availability tests.
Pursuant to CREG’s decision (B)658E/63 of November 21st 2019, Elia has received an incentive on the development of one or more methodologies to ensure that the availability tests of FCR, aFRR and mFRR are performed based on relevant and updated information which will increase the efficiency of the tests and reduce therefore their frequency.


Elia invites the stakeholders to provide comments and suggestions on the consulted document via the online form below during the consultation period from Tuesday 15th September 2020 to Thursday 15th  October 2020.
A workshop on this study is planned on the 24th September 2020 to present its main conclusions and engage in an open discussion with the stakeholders.

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Please use the online form to respond to this public consultation:

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