Public consultation relating to the modification of Elia’s LFC block operational agreement


Elia organizes a public consultation concerning the modification of the LFC block operational agreement with regard to the methodologies and rules for balancing in the Belgian control area.


In line with Article 228 of the Federal Grid Code, the LFC block operational agreement specifies the dimensioning rules for the "Frequency Restoration Reserves" or "FRR" (also referred to as aFRR and mFRR) and the methods for fulfilling the obligations regarding the balancing of the Belgian control area. The proposed adjustments concern the :

  • adaptation and complementation of the framework concerning exceptional balancing measures being the measures to reduce FRCE, the procedure for exhausted FRR and the escalation procedure;
  • adaptation of the method for predicting the direction of flow on Nemo Link as used in the dimensioning methodology for FRR;
  • a modification of the full activation time for mFRR from 15.0 to 12.5 minutes.

After the approval by CREG, the adjustments will take effect following the implementation planning specified in the proposal. Note that only the Request to adjust the LFC block operational agreement is subject to consultation. The explanatory note of the document as well as the main document with track changes compared to the previous version will be published for information.


Elia invites all stakeholders to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the document submitted for consultation. The consultation period runs from June 15 to July 15, 2021.

After the consultation period, Elia collects all comments and feedback from the market parties. Elia will analyse these comments and integrate them into a consultation report together with the answers given by Elia. In addition to the consultation report, Elia will publish the reactions of the market parties (including names) on the website, unless it is explicitly mentioned that the contribution is to be considered confidential. Afterwards the amendment of the LFC block operational agreement will be submitted for approval to the CREG.

If you have any questions, please contact

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