Public consultation of the study on baseline methodologies


Elia is organizing a public consultation of the study on baseline methodologies. This study aims to assess the performance of the baseline methodologies currently in place and to analyze opportunities for improvements. The study contains:

  • an assessment of the best practices with respect to baselining methodologies;
  • an assessment of the performance of the different types of baseline methodologies for each of the products within the scope of the study;
  • an analysis of the need and opportunities for introducing new baseline methodologies; and
  • an analysis of the implementation impact of the recommended improvements.


In recent years, Elia has enabled market access for different technologies including active demand response, distributed storage and distributed generation. In this regard, Elia has developed baseline methodologies, i.e., methodologies to estimate the offtake/injection at a Delivery Point if no activation would have taken place. These baseline methodologies are used to calculate the volume of flexibility that is effectively delivered at a certain Delivery Point, and are used as part of:

  • the activation and availability control of the product/service; and
  • the Transfer of Energy mechanism (if applicable).

The current baseline methodologies have been chosen in a pragmatic way and frequently based on suggestions of stakeholders, with the idea that these baseline methodologies could be reviewed in a later stage. 
In this context, the aim of this study is to analyze the performance of the baseline methodologies currently in place and to analyze possible opportunities for improving the existing baseline methodologies or introducing new baseline methodologies.


Elia invites all stakeholders to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the documents submitted for consultation. 
The consultation period runs from 27 September 2021 to 25 October 2021. 

After the consultation period, Elia will analyze and integrate in a consultation report the collected reactions from the market parties as well as Elia’s responses to them. Elia will publish on its website this consultation report together with the reactions of the market parties (including names) that are not explicitly indicated as confidential. 

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