Public consultation on a modification of the methodology to determine the balancing capacity in the Elia LFC block


Elia consults on a modification of the LFC Means. This document specifies the methodology to calculate the balancing capacity to be procured to cover the reserve capacity needs in the Elia LFC block.


The LFC Means specifies in line with Article 228 of the Belgian Federal Grid Code the methodology to determine for each balancing service the balancing capacity of aFRR and mFRR to be procured. This proposal introduces a process which temporarily limits the contribution of reserve sharing in covering the upward mFRR reserve capacity needs during periods with tight market conditions in countries with which Elia has concluded a reserve sharing agreement. During such periods, upward mFRR balancing capacity requirements will therefore be increased with 250 MW.

Note that the methodology to dimension the required reserve capacity is determined in the LFC block operational agreement which specifies the dimensioning rules for Frequency Restoration Reserves or ‘FRR’ in execution of Article 157 of the System Operation Guidelines. 

It should be noted that only the “Project for amendment on Elia’s LFC Means” is subject to consultation. The “Explanatory note on Elia’s LFC Means”, as well as “Elia’s LFC Means with track changes” compared to the previous version, are published for information.


This consultation aims to receive any comments from market participants and relevant stakeholders regarding the consulted document and the consultation period is set from Tuesday September 20 to Tuesday October 11, 2022.

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