Public consultation on the Market functioning rules for the compensation of quarter-hour imbalances (“Balancing Rules”)


Public consultation on the proposed amendments to the Market functioning rules for the compensation of quarter-hour imbalances (also referred to as “Balancing Rules”) in line with planned changes and proposals related to balancing.


Following planned changes related to balancing, in particular Elia’s new proposal of the Terms and Conditions for balancing service providers for manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (“T&C BSP mFRR”) as currently under consultation , Elia has identified necessary modifications to the Balancing Rules.

In accordance with article 200 of the Federal Grid Code of 22 April 2019, Elia shares this proposal of modifications to the Balancing Rules for public consultation. The proposed changes are mainly related to the changes of the T&C BSP mFRR but are also driven by other evolutions, such as, the entry into force of the new Federal Grid Code, the end of the Winter Product (which was already announced in the previous version of the Balancing Rules), the new tariff proposal for the 2020-2023 period, the new LFC block operational agreement, and updates in line with regional evolutions for FCR and imbalance netting. The informative note in support of the consultation elaborates on the reasons driving the modifications to the Balancing Rules.

Note that Elia organizes a public consultation before submission to CREG for approval (contrary to previous amendments of the Balancing Rules for which the public consultation was organized by CREG after the submission by Elia).


Elia invites the stakeholders to provide comments and suggestions on the consulted document via the online form below during the consultation period from Friday 11 October to Friday 8 November 2019.

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