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Becoming a Balance Responsible Party

Any customer, supplier, producer or trader can apply to serve as a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) for Elia.

Step 1: Application

Before signing a contract, any party interested in becoming a BRP must submit an application form to Elia’s Customer Support & Services Department.

Applicants can be excluded based on a solvability check..

After approving the application, Elia will draw up the BRP-specific contract and arrange its signature. 

Step 2: Financial guarantee

Potential BRPs must provide a financial guarantee to Elia as per Appendix 1 of the contract. The guarantee may take the form of a bank guarantee or of an account deposit.

Step 3: Initiate BRP responsibilities

The contract will only enter into force once the BRP has provided the financial guarantee.
Unless delayed, this process is expected to take three weeks from Elia’s receipt of a valid application form. Elia adds approved BRPs to the BRP register.
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