Technical documentation concerning the provision of ancillary services

This page contains documents detailing the technical implementation, metering specifications and IT communication relevant to the provision of ancillary services.

XML Communication

Elia uses XML exchanges for communications about the activation of tertiary control services provided by non-CIPU Technical Units (mFRR NonCipu) and SDR services. The guidelines for implementation on the provider side are provided below:


For Balancing Services - FCR

For Balancing Services – mFRR

For Balancing Services – aFRR

For Strategic Demand Reserves

STAR B2B Service

Providers can submit their bids to the STAR platform via a dedicated B2B Service. The technical documents below provide guidance through this process.

ICCP Communication regarding the FCR

As per the contract for the FCR Service, providers need to be able to exchange certain signals with Elia via a TASE2 connection. The document below describes the main features of this communication.

Metering, remote measurement & data exchange specifications

Communication over the BMAP platform

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