Ghent Seaport

Security of supply for industry and the environment in the Ghent port area

Elia is working on a strong high-voltage grid in and around Ghent Seaport. Through a whole series of projects, the many industrial players in the port area can continue to count on a reliable and sustainable electricity grid in the future.

  • texteBenefits to society
    Elia is currently implementing various projects that strengthen the high-voltage grid in and around the Ghent port area. This is necessary because electricity consumption in Ghent is growing strongly. Through new investments in the high-voltage grid, Elia ensures that the supply of electricity for companies in the port remains guaranteed in the future.
  • texteProjects

    Elia carries out the following activities within the framework of the Ghent Seaport project:

    • Work on the high-voltage station Baekeland
      In order to meet the growing electricity needs in Ghent Seaport, Elia will carry out work at the high-voltage station Baekeland. On the one hand, a new high-voltage station will be built with a transformer that can convert 380 kV to 150 kV. This allows greater reception capacity and more electricity can flow into the grid. On the other hand, a new high-voltage substation will be provided where clients with high electricity needs can connect directly to the 380 kV grid. 
    • Work on the high-voltage station Kennedylaan
      Elia upgrades the high voltage station on Kennedylaan. Various installations are at the end of their lifespan, which means that the planned work on the 36 kV station is necessary. The upgraded station will also allow better integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.
    • Work on the high-voltage station Rodenhuize
      Elia upgrades the high voltage station Rodenhuize. Various installations are at the end of their lifespan, which means that the planned work on the 150kV station is necessary.
    • Construction of underground connection between Kennedylaan and Rodenhuize
      During work on the high-voltage stations Kennedylaan and Rodenhuize, Elia lays an underground cable between the two high-voltage stations.
  • environnementEnvironment
    When implementing its infrastructure projects, Elia attaches a great deal of importance to engaging in a dialogue with companies and businesses in the project zone. Mutual agreements are made to ensure the works can be carried out safely and efficiently. Elia makes every effort to minimise disruption. Businesses will remain accessible at all times to employees, customers and suppliers. 
    • Elia will work in phases to limit the duration and scale of the impact on the surrounding area. 
    • The supply of electricity will remain guaranteed. 
    • Access to businesses will be possible at all times while the work is in progress. 
    • If local residents are set to experience a temporary increase in disruption for a specific reason, Elia or its subcontractors always send out individual letters to those affected to notify them.
    • Possible diversions will be discussed with the relevant authorities and announced to local residents in advance. 
    • Elia keeps local residents informed of the project schedule and upcoming phases by posting the latest information on its website.
  • Schedule

    The works in the vicinity of Ghent Seaport are divided into various sub-projects. The planning of these projects is as follows:

    Sub-project 1: work on the high-voltage station Baekeland

    • Public inquiry: autumn 2023
    • Start of work: 2024
    • End of work: 2027

    Sub-project 2: work on the high-voltage power stations Kennedylaan and Rodenhuize

    • Permit application: autumn 2022
    • Start of work: spring 2023
    • End of work: 2028
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