Upgrading of the existing overhead line

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Elia plans to replace the overhead line between the Hastière and Pondrôme substations. Originally built in 1967 this line is now reaching the end of its life and must be replaced in order to ensure grid reliability and to continue contributing to security of supply in the region.

The upgraded line will follow the same route as the existing line. The new line will be built to the 110 kV size, which will be the new standard in the region (replacing 70 kV). This will ultimately make it possible  to prevent grid saturation when factoring in the significant development of renewable energies which, by their very nature, are intermittent. Since electricity generated from renewable sources is highly dependent on weather factors outside human control, it is intermittent.

  • texteIn the interest of society

    This project addresses two major challenges:

    • Making sure we have reliable infrastructure that enables us to continue contributing to security of supply in the region;
    • Anticipating future trends in generation/consumption: this region is conducive to the development of renewable energy sources. However, since energy generated from these new sources is dependent on weather factors outside human control, it is intermittent. In the event of generation peaks, such energy must be evacuated in order not to saturate the grid. Upgrading the Hastière-Pondrôme line to a 110 kV size will meet this need. The upgrade from 70 kV to 110 kV in this area is in line with Elia's determination to upgrade an ageing grid and enable the integration of numerous renewable energies in the region.
  • texteThe route
  • environnementEnvironment

    As a responsible company, Elia is deeply committed to the environment and intends to make a positive contribution to the energy transition by focusing on biodiversity, local residents, local partners and stakeholders when developing our grid. As part of the Hastière-Pondrôme project, collective and public initiatives will be proposed and implemented through environmental partnerships with a view to supporting local sustainable development.

    Please consult our Compensation measures webpage for more information.

  • Schedule
    • August 2021: submission of the permit application
    • September 2021: information sessions for local residents
    • End 2021 – Beginning 2022: Permit decision
    • 2022: Start of works 
    • 2025: End of works
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11 August 2023

Information meeting in the Houyet area

In consultation with the local authorities, we invite you to an information meeting at the salle communale L'Aurore, Rue d'Hastière, 5560 Mesnil-Saint-Blaise, on Tuesday, 19 September, at 6:00pm.

25 July 2023

Call for projects from the Be Planet Foundation

To support citizens' initiatives in Beauraing, Hastière and Houyet, the Be Planet Foundation is launching a call for projects in these municipalities, in partnership with them and with the support of Elia, the electricity transmission system operator. 

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