Project to replace 150-kV overhead line between Ruien (in Flanders) and Chièvres with an underground connection 

Addressing an ever-present need

The 150-kV overhead line between Ruien (in Kluisbergen, Flanders) and Chièvres is nearing the end of its service life. Since it is necessary for the region's security of supply, Elia plans to replace the line with a 150-kV underground connection.

The current overhead line passes through the municipalities of Kluisbergen, Mont-de-l'Enclus, Celles-en-Hainaut, Frasnes-les-Anvaing, Leuze-en Hainaut, Ath and Chièvres.

Specifically, Elia is planning the following sequence:

  • Submit the permit applications for the underground connection project;
  • Once the permits have been secured, build the underground connection;
  • Dismantle the current overhead line. 


28 September 2022

Public consultation begins

Elia officially submitted its planning permit application to the competent authorities on 22 July 2020 (with a supplement on 2 September and a file declared complete on 15 September).

13 June 2022

Presentation of the conclusions of the study conducted on 27 and 30 June  

Following the Preliminary Information Meeting, the Municipality of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing and Elia officially collected everyone’s feedback and suggestions for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), conducted by CSD Ingénieurs, an approved and independent engineering company.

31 May 2022

Public Utility Declaration Procedure (DUP)¹

In addition to the urban planning permit application that will be submitted shortly for the Walloon Region and the “omgevingsvergunning ” ² relating to Flanders, a demand of Declaration of Public Utility (DUP) will be filed with and examined by the Federal Public Energy Service.

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