Project to replace 150-kV overhead line between Ruien (in Flanders) and Chièvres with an underground connection 

Addressing an ever-present need

The 150-kV overhead line between Ruien (in Kluisbergen, Flanders) and Chièvres is nearing the end of its service life. Since it is necessary for the region's security of supply and to allow integration of renewable energy into the grid, Elia plans to replace the line with a 150-kV underground connection.

The current overhead line passes through the municipalities of Kluisbergen, Mont-de-l'Enclus, Celles-en-Hainaut, Frasnes-les-Anvaing, Leuze-en Hainaut, Ath and Chièvres.

Specifically, Elia is planning the following sequence:

  • Submit the permit applications for the underground connection project.
  • Once the permits have been secured, build the underground connection.
  • Dismantle the current overhead line. 

To carry out the technical and administrative studies necessary for the project to bury the line, Elia is contacting various stakeholders, in particular landowners who may be impacted by the project. 

Following these preliminary studies, the planning permit application procedure for laying the underground line can begin. An advance public information meeting will be held at this time.

  • 2021: Maintenance work pending dismantling

    Pending dismantling and in order to secure its operation, the current overhead line needs to undergo maintenance and repairs. This work between Ruien and Thieulain is provisionally scheduled to take place between 11 January and 15 April 2021.
  • How does this 150-kV line relate to the 380-kV Hainaut Loop project?

    A number of projects and administrative procedures are currently under way, or under preparation, in the Province of Hainaut, These projects have different but equally important goals, but it is important to distinguish between them.

    The 150-kV line between Ruien and Chièvres is reaching the end of its life, but this has nothing to do with the Hainaut Loop project. Grid studies indicate that the Ruien-Chièvres line needs to be replaced regardless of what happens with the Hainaut Loop project. The 150-kV network in the region is nearing saturation point, so this line cannot simply be dismantled. 

    Consequently, Elia is currently studying the most logical route possible for burying the 150-kV line, completely independently of the ongoing application to revise the sector plan for the Hainaut Loop project.
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