Sint-Amand - Tergnée

Upgrading the capacity of the Tergnée substation by installing of a second 380 kV circuit on the line between Sint-Amand and Tergnée, in Fleurus.

Meeting the future needs of the electricity grid   

The high voltage substation located in Tergnée (Fleurus) supplies electricity to the Charleroi industrial basin. This supply is becoming insufficient as the area develops and industries are electrified. 

In order to meet these future needs, a second 380 kV circuit will have to be installed on the existing 380 kV line that has been in place since 1984, between the pylon at Saint-Amand and the Tergnée substation. 

  • texteBenefits to society

    As there has already been an overhead line between Saint-Amand and Tergnée since 1984, upgrading this line with a second circuit on the pylons would seem to be the best way to upgrade the Tergnée substation with limited impact on the environment. 

    This connection will facilitate further industrial development of the region, as well as the electrification of industries already present in the territory. 

  • texteThe route

    The current line dates from 1984 and connects Saint-Amand to Tergnée via a 7.4 km route passing through the municipalities of Fleurus and Farciennes. Elia wants to add a second circuit to this line, while keeping it in its current location.

  • environnementEnvironment

    The technical solution proposed in this project aims to limit the impact of infrastructure on the environment. In addition to an internal assessment of needs and possible solutions, an Environmental Impact Study and an Environmental Impact Report will be carried out. These will, where appropriate, contain recommendations to limit the environmental impact of the infrastructure and construction works. These recommendations will have to be scrupulously followed by Elia.

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