Public consultation relating to the proposal for maximum capacity thresholds for types B, C and D power-generating modules


This public consultation is about the proposal for maximum capacity thresholds for types B, C, D of power-generating modules as defined in the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators (hereafter named ‘NC RfG’) article 5 and is meant to fulfill the requirement laid upon the relevant transmission system operator, Elia, to hold a public consultation on this topic, as defined in NC RfG article 5(3).


Via this public consultation Elia wishes to provide all stakeholders the opportunity to react on Elia’s proposal. Stakeholders have been able to share their views and react on earlier related proposals via different meetings and written inputs in the context of the Elia Users’ Group. Refer to the webpage of the ‘Task Force Implementation Network Codes’ for more information. This public consultation is a logic next step in this stakeholder debate.


The consultation period runs from 19th May till 20th June 2017, 18:00, which is in line with article 10 of the NC RfG.

This consultation document contains the proposal for the maximum capacity thresholds for type B, C and D power-generating modules, subject to consultation. In addition, this document also gives an argumentation for this proposal and makes the link with the non-exhaustive requirements, to be defined by the relevant system operators.

Stakeholders are invited to react on the content of this document, in particular also by replying to the specific questions that are included in the consultation document.

Responses can be communicated to Elia until 20th June 2017, 18:00, via the form below. For any questions, please contact:

After the consultation period Elia will consolidate all reactions received and a consultation report containing an Elia view on the reactions received will be prepared and published. Any reactions related to aspects going beyond the scope of this public consultation will not be taken into account. As stipulated in NC RfG art. 10(2) Elia shall duly take into account the views of stakeholders resulting from this public consultation. These reactions (with names) will be sent to the competent authorities. If the market players so request, their responses will be handled anonymously in this consultation report.

The consultation report will be communicated, together with the TSO proposal on requirements of general application, to the competent authorities in line with the deadlines stipulated by the NC RfG, i.e. in May 2018.

This is the report on the public consultation: ‘maximum capacity thresholds for types B, C and D power-generating modules’


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