Joint public consultation Elia – FPS Economy on the application of the methodology for obtaining an individual derogation from the IPC and on the determination of the missing money in the context of the IPC and derogation from the IPC


This public consultation concerns the adaptation of the Royal Decree of 28 April 2021 in view of the application of the EVA methodology developed on the basis of the study carried out by Professor Boudt which was published in 2021.


It follows the consultation organized in July 2021 on the risk premium values to be applied in the context of the integration of the EVA methodology into the ex-post derogation process for the intermediate price cap. The subject of this consultation relates to the expected revenues in the context of the calculation of the missing money application for the calibration of the intermediate price cap and the ex-ante derogation process to the intermediate price cap.

Consultation Period

This public consultation is organized jointly by Elia and the FPS Economy from Monday 20 September to Friday 8 October. Potential contributors to this public consultation are invited to send their contribution to this joint proposal of Elia and the FPS Economy to the following e-mail address:

More information on the FPS Economy website: 

FPS Economy website (in French)  or  FPS Economy website (in Dutch)

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