Formal public consultation on the Functioning Rules for the tender for low carbon capacities


Elia will be holding a formal public consultation between Friday 13 January 2023 and Friday 10 February 2023 about the Functioning Rules of tender for low carbon capacities (Low Carbon Tender - LCT).


Following a request from the Minister of Energy for Elia to undertake the preparatory work for a targeted call for tender for the delivery period 2024-2025, Elia is launching a public consultation about the functioning rules related to the tender for low carbon technologies (Low Carbon Tender - LCT). 

The consultation document contains the proposed modifications Elia wishes to make to the current set of CRM Functioning Rules, given this upcoming call for targeted tender.

The main suggested changes were presented to stakeholders who are members of the Adequacy Working Group. Following the public consultation about the LCT-design note, a consultation report was drafted; the LCT Functioning Rules were then updated based on the feedback received. The formal validation process of this set of Functioning Rules applicable for the LCT is due to be finalized once Elia and the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) have published them (at the latest by 15 May 2023). 

Consultation period

Stakeholders are kindly requested to submit their comments and suggestions over the next four weeks, by 6pm on Friday 10 February 2023 at the latest.

Please submit your feedback to Elia via the form below; parties can decide whether to allow their feedback to be made public or not. Elia will consolidate the feedback it receives and publish it on its website at the end of the consultation period, unless respondents ask for their feedback not to be included. Please note that all received feedback (including private feedback) may be shared with members of the CRM Follow-up Committee (“Comité de Suivi”), which consists of representatives from the Federal Public Service Economy- DG Energy, the CREG, the office of Federal Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten and Elia, unless respondents explicitly state that they do not wish for this to occur.

If you have any questions, please contact the CRM taskforce at:


The object of this public consultation is the LCT-related content of the Functioning Rules. Please focus your remarks and comments on :

  • Chapter 18
  • tracked changes suggested in the other chapters, for which the overview is in the Cover Note
The rest of the content has been consulted in the CRM FR v3 consultation from 25/11 to 04/01.

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