Brabo III

Facilitating the import and export of electricity


Making it easier to transmit electricity within Belgium and trade power with the Netherlands

The Brabo project consists of three subprojects. Brabo I is already operational. Work on Brabo II is currently under way in the port of Antwerp. Brabo III – which is kicking off now and due to commission by the end of 2024 – will enhance electricity transmission within Belgium and make it easier to trade power with the Netherlands.

  • texteIn the interest of society

    Elia’s aim with the Brabo project is to enable a transition to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity by facilitating the import and export of electricity between Belgium and the Netherlands. The project serves three main purposes:

    • Trading power with neighbouring countries
      The Brabo project will facilitate the import and export of electricity between Belgium and the Netherlands. The development of robust power connections between countries is a key building block for an efficient European electricity market.
    • Upgrading the Belgian electricity grid
      Brabo III will see Elia upgrade Belgium’s existing 380-kV network, which forms the backbone of the Belgian power grid. Once the work is complete, Elia will be able to transmit up to 20% more electricity on the upgraded power connection within the 380-kV network.
    • Efficiently staggering electricity flows
      Renewable energy being generated around the country means an increase in flows of electricity on the power grid. Brabo III will make it easier for Elia to stagger and transmit these flows in the future.
  • texteThe route

    Brabo III can be subdivided into three parts based in Beveren, Kruibeke and Zwijndrecht.

    1. Laying a 150-kV underground cable between Kallo and Fort Sint-Filips
      Elia is laying a new 150-kV underground cable between the Kallo and Fort Sint-Filips high-voltage substations so that work can be done on the Liefkenshoek-Mercator high-voltage line at the Kallo high-voltage substation.
    2. Laying a 150-kV underground cable between Kallo and Beveren-Waas
      Elia is laying a new 150-kV underground cable between the Kallo and Beveren-Waas high-voltage substations. This is vital for maintaining sufficient capacity at 150 kV while work is being performed on the Liefkenshoek-Mercator high-voltage line.
    3. Upgrading the Liefkenshoek-Mercator high-voltage overhead line (start of works August 2023)
      Elia is taking down the existing 150-kV high-voltage line between Liefkenshoek and the Mercator high-voltage substation in Kruibeke, then erecting a new, upgraded 380-kV high-voltage line in the same location. The new high-voltage line will be a key link in the Belgian power grid.
  • environnementEnvironment

    Project EIA

    A project EIA has been carried out to gauge the environmental impact of the entire Brabo route, from Zandvliet to Mercator. The EIA determined the type, height, span and location of pylons and electric wires and the working method used, and also examined electromagnetic fields. The project EIA can be found on the website of the Flemish Government’s Environmental Impact Assessment Service:
    Measures to minimise disruption
    As early as the design and study phase for a project’s route and implementation method, Elia is already considering how the project will affect people, the environment and the local area. With that in mind, a number of measures designed to limit disruption have been put in place for Brabo III.
    • 1. Elia will restore land to its original state once work is complete.
    • 2. Where possible, Elia will set up its project site depots in existing industrial zones or paved areas to reduce the impact on the local area and the natural environment.
    • 3. Elia guarantees that local residents will always be able to access their homes.
    • 4. Work will not be carried out at night, so depots and sites will not be lit up during the night.
    • 5. Site vehicles will use the shortest, safest and most accessible routes.
    • 6. Elia will use wooden gantries or cranes when removing or pulling cables close to railways, roads or other key infrastructure with a view to minimising the impact on the surrounding area.
    • 7. If normal traffic has to be diverted, the diversions will be agreed with the relevant road authority (the municipal council or the Flemish Region) and clearly communicated to local residents.
  • Schedule

    According to the current schedule, Elia plans to start renewing and reinforcing the existing high-voltage line (150 kV) between Liefkenshoek and Mercator to a 380 kV connection as from August 2023. The end of the works is scheduled for spring 2026.

  • docInteractive map

    Brabo III route in pictures

    Elia has developed an interactive map app that can be used to visualise the Brabo III project. With the app, users can navigate between the current and future situation along the entire route. Using labels, you can navigate to a panoramic visualisation of your choice.

    The visualisations shown are intended to give an impression of the future situation; they are not binding or definitive.

    See the interactive map hereunder

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  • docDocuments


Brabo lll

03 October 2023

Heavy traffic disruption expected on E34 in Beveren, due to night-time dismantling work on the high-voltage line

The system operator, Elia, is currently reinforcing the high-voltage line (380kV) between Liefkenshoek and the high-voltage substation Mercator in Kruibeke as part of the Brabo III project. For these works, the E34 at the slip road complex 9 in Beveren will be completely closed between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. for two nights in October.

Brabo lll

06 September 2023

Work begins on Liefkenshoek–Mercator high-voltage line (380kV)

Elia is upgrading the Liefkenshoek–Mercator (Kruibeke) high-voltage line. In late August Elia will begin taking down the existing high-voltage line (150kV) and will later build a new, upgraded high-voltage line (380kV) in the same location. To support the heavier lines, Elia is replacing 58 high-voltage pylons with new ones. The new masts will look virtually the same as they do today. 

Brabo lll

19 June 2023

Successful commissioning of Kallo-Beveren-Waas underground cable

The underground cable connection between the high-voltage substations of Kallo and Beveren Waas was successfully started up this week. With it, all cable works of the Brabo III project were completed and the line work can start shortly.

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