Submission of environmental permit application for activities involving urban development

On 8 June 2020, Elia submitted an environmental permit application to carry out work on the Massenhoven-Van Eyck high-voltage line. This marks the official start of the procedure to obtain an environmental permit. The procedure will involve a number of steps.


Permit application

Elia submitted the environmental permit application to the Flemish government on 8 June 2020. The Flemish government has 30 days to declare the application complete and admissible, after which a public consultationcan be held.

Public consultation

The municipalities in which the project is located organise a 30-day public consultation. During this period, local residents can raise legitimate objections about the content of the application. The public consultationis announced on the websites of the municipalities concerned, on the Elia website and on yellow posters displayed along the route.

Consultation process

During an overarching consultation process, the environmental permit committee formulates advice to the Flemish government.

Final decision

The Flemish government makes a decision about the permit. This takes place within a period of 120 days. As soon as the permitis granted, Elia canstart upgrading the high-voltage line between the Massenhoven (Zandhoven) and Van Eyck (Kinrooi) high-voltage substations. 
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