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High-voltage projects at the Port of Antwerp

Enhancing security of supply for companies at the Port of Antwerp

Elia is working on a robust high-voltage grid in and around the Port of Antwerp. Thanks to a series of projects, the many industrial players in the port zone can continue to be supplied with reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity

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    The last major investments in the high-voltage grid at the Port of Antwerp were made in the 1970s. Elia is currently carrying out multiple projects to upgrade the high-voltage grid in and around the port zone. This is necessary because the Port of Antwerp and its electricity consumption have grown sharply. By making new investments in the high-voltage grid, Elia is ensuring that the electricity supply for companies at the port can be guaranteed moving forward. 

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    Elia is improving security of supply in the Port of Antwerp via multiple projects: 

    • Upgrading the high-voltage grid on the northern border with the Netherlands
      With the North Border project  Elia is upgrading the existing interconnection (380 kV) between Zandvliet (Belgium) and Rilland (Netherlands). This is being done in conjunction with Dutch system operator TenneT. The conductors in the existing high-voltage line will be replaced by HTLS conductors.

      Thanks to this project Belgium can import up to 20% more electricity from the Netherlands. This additional international exchange of electricity will improve the functioning of the market, reduce dependence on the Belgian generating fleet and help to push down electricity prices. 
    • Building a high-voltage loop (380 kV) around the port zone
      The Brabo programme will upgrade the grid in the Port of Antwerp. This will be done by building a high-voltage loop (380 kV) around the port zone. In the north, this new infrastructure will connect to the Zandvliet high-voltage substation and the upgraded interconnection with the Netherlands. In the south, the port zone in Kruibeke will be connected to the rest of the 380-kV high-voltage grid in Belgium. The Brabo programme will ensure more transmission capacity and security of supply in the port zone. 

      The Brabo programme consists of three subprojects: Brabo I, Brabo II and Brabo III. A number of high-voltage lines will be upgraded from 150 kV to 380 kV. The existing 150-kV transmission capacity, which will disappear as a result, will continue to be provided by the construction of new underground electricity cables. To make this possible, Elia plans to adapt and extend some of the high-voltage substations involved. 

    • Stabilising and increasing transmission capacity (150 kV) 
      Between 2021 and 2023, Elia will deduplicate the 150-kV electricity grid. By doing so, the grid operator aims to provide a stable and robust 150-kV electricity grid in the future to which industrial players can connect. This will be possible directly or via electricity grids at a lower voltage level. 

      This will be done via the Antwerp 150-kV programme which comprises five projects in and around Antwerp. In addition, Elia is responsible for the construction of new underground electricity cables, modifications to high-voltage substations and a new type of conductor (HTLS) for an overhead line. A number of connections have already been deduplicated and can already transmit sufficient electricity.

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  • Local residents and the surrounding area] Local residents and the surrounding area

    When implementing its infrastructure projects, Elia attaches a great deal of importance to engaging in a dialogue with companies and businesses in the project zone. Mutual agreements are made to ensure the works can be carried out safely and efficiently. Elia makes every effort to minimise disruption. Businesses will remain accessible at all times to employees, customers and suppliers.  

    • Elia will work in phases to limit the duration and scale of the impact on the surrounding area. 
    • The supply of electricity will remain guaranteed. 
    • Access to businesses will be possible at all times while the work is in progress. 
    • Site vehicles will use the shortest, safest and most accessible routes. 
    • Possible diversions will be discussed with the relevant authorities and announced to local residents in advance. 
    • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to pass the worksites safely at all times. 
    • Once work is complete, the worksites will be restored to their original state. 
  • Schedule

    The schedules for the various projects in and around the Port of Antwerp are as follows: 

    • Brabo programme: construction of a high-voltage loop around the port zone (2015-2024)
    • Antwerp 150 kV: various types of work on a regional high-voltage grid (2021-2023)
    • North Border project: upgrading the interconnector with the Nederland (2022-2023)

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