Federal Development Plan for the Belgian transmission system (110 kV to 380 kV) over the period 2024-2034


Elia invites all stakeholders to take part in this public consultation on its draft Federal Development Plan for the Belgian transmission system (110 kV to 380 kV) over the period 2024-2034 and the accompanying environmental impact report.


The development plan contains a detailed estimate of transmission capacity requirements, indicating the underlying assumptions, and sets out the investment programme that the system operator pledges to implement to meet those requirements. Consequently, the present draft plan took on board various studies and analyses carried out at both the European and Belgian levels to determine the electricity transmission capacity and stability requirements needs in Belgium over the timeframe of the plan and beyond.

Pursuant to the law of 13 February 2006 on assessing the environmental impact of certain plans and programmes and on public participation in the drafting of plans and programmes, the environmental impact of the development plan also has to be assessed. The same law stipulates that the development plan and accompanying environmental impact report must be submitted to a public consultation process.

Organising this consultation process on both documents will bring the public's concerns to Elia's attention, enabling them to be taken into account when the final version of the development plan is drafted.


Elia invites all stakeholders to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the documents submitted for consultation.
The consultation period will run from November 2, 2022 to January 16, 2023 inclusive.

Participants who would like to react by post instead of the online form below can do so at the following address: Elia – Boulevard de l’Empereur 20, 1000 Brussels. Please ensure to mention “Public consultation - Federal development Plan 2024-2034” on the envelope, your first and last name, postal address, organization and the confidentiality of your contribution in your reaction.

After the consultation period, Elia will analyze and integrate in a consultation report the collected reactions from the market parties as well as Elia’s responses to them. Elia will publish on its website this consultation report together with the reactions of the market parties (including names) that are not explicitly indicated as confidential.  

  • Documents for consultation
  • Stakeholders
  • Consultation report
  • Updated documents

Consultation report

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