Status Activation

This page shows the real-time activation status for strategic reserves, both day-ahead and intraday.
If a day-ahead economic or technical trigger is detected, it will be displayed at the bottom of this page.
If an intraday economic and/or technical trigger has been detected, it will be displayed in orange in the top left.

The SR activation status is indicated to the right of the SR trigger. The current activation status is shown in orange. For example, if the "Economic trigger" box and the "Verification" box are in orange, it means that an activation of strategic reserve has taken place. The activation status can be found in the Verification gate following detection of the economic trigger, but not yet in the Delivery period.

In the event of an activation of strategic reserve, the start and end times, the status and the needs profile are displayed (in the Delivery period).

To avoid confusion, here is a brief guide to the various statuses:

  • Detection gate (moment when an economic and/or technical trigger is detected)
  • Notification gate (start of the warm-up period)
  • Prolongation gate (Notification gate is prolonged because the SR need profile has changed)
  • Verification gate (start of the ramp-up period)
  • Start of the Delivery period (end of the ramp-up period and start of the period during which the SR should deliver the required SGR (Strategic Generation Reserve)/SDR (Strategic Demand Reserve))
  • Activation Stop (moment when the SR activation ends or is terminated prematurely)
More information about the current imbalance prices can be found on the following pages (see User Guide for further details)

“As written in Functioning Rules of Strategic Reserve, Elia or the SR supplier can plan a test activation to test the proper operation of the contracted SGR- unit. On January 24th 2017, Elia has asked a test activation on the SR unit(s) from 9h00 until 14h30 with a maximum injected power of 264 MW. In case of a test activation, there is no risk on “Structural Shortage of the Zone” by an economic or technical trigger. The imbalance prices will be administratively calculated as written in the paragraph 6.7.2 of the Functioning rules. Elia will monitor the system and keeps the right at any time to cancel or stop the test.”

SR trigger
Technical trigger
Economic trigger
Current status strategic reserve activation