Strategic Reserve

The Strategic Reserve was introduced by the Law of 26 March 2014 amending the federal Electricity Law of 29 April 1999. This gave Elia the task of organising, managing and if necessary activating a Strategic Reserve mechanism to cover any structural shortage in generation during the winter months. This mechanism helps to ensure Belgium's security of supply in the winter period. It differs from the balancing resources which Elia uses all year round to offset the sum of ARPs' residual imbalances in real time.

The following information is available on this page:
  • In the "Volume Assessment" section you will find the reports defining the strategic reserve need by means of a probabilistic analysis covering Belgium’s security of supply.
  • The "Documents" section contains documents such as the Procedure for the Constitution of Strategic Reserve, the Functioning Rules for Strategic Reserves, as well as documentation concerning the Certification of SDR and the technical requirements for Submetering.
For more information about the real-time status of the Strategic Reserve, please see the Strategic Reserve page under Grid Data. External stakeholders looking for presentations, meeting minutes and agendas of the 'Implementation of Strategic Reserves' Task Force can find these on the users’ group web page of the  'Implementation of Strategic Reserves' Task Force.