Laying of new underground electricity cables (150kV)

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Laying of new underground electricity cables 

With the Diegem project, Elia is upgrading the electricity grid between Diegem and Zaventem. 

  • texteBenefits to society
    Elia plans to lay new underground electricity cables (150kV) in Diegem. The works are necessary in order to continue to guarantee the electricity supply in the region in future.  
  • texteThe route

    Elia is laying underground electricity cables (150kV) in Diegem. The route runs between Woluwelaan and Henneaulaan, via Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan, J.F. Kennedylaan and Grensstraat.

  • environnementEnvironment

    Via clear agreements, Elia wants to keep the impact of the work on the surrounding area as minimal as possible. These agreements are regularly checked by the site manager of the contractor APK Infra West. 

    • Site vehicles will use the shortest, safest and most accessible routes.
    • Possible diversions will be discussed with the relevant authorities and announced to local residents in advance.
    • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to pass the worksites safely at all times.
    • Once work is complete, the worksites will be restored to their original state.
  • Schedule
    As from Monday 28 February, Elia is starting with the works. The works will take place in various phases to minimise the disruption in time and space for the local residents and businesses along the route. The works will take place in the following areas: Woluwelaan, Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan, J.F. Kennedylaan, Grensstraat and Hector Henneaulaan. According to the current planning, the works will last until the end of July 2022. 
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