Project BE-DE II, a second interconnection between Belgium and Germany  

As second interconnection project between Belgium and Germany, the BE-DE II is already labialized as a PCI project.

In the European electricity market context and in order to promote the energy transition and the related challenges, new interconnections are needed. To this end, the need to strengthen the north-south axis and the need to build east-west links have been clearly identified in Europe.

The project

Elia and Amprion are currently in the construction phase of the ALEGrO project. The first electric interconnection between Belgium and Germany will be commissioned by 2020.

Since a couple of years Amprion and Elia have also jointly been investigating the development of a possible second interconnector between both countries.

Different studies were performed at a national and European level. The results indicate that a second interconnector can be realized at the earliest by 2028.

At the same time a lot of changes are taking place in the energy landscape, such as the nuclear phase-out and the development of a mechanism to attract fresh investments in replacement capacity in Belgium, a faster coal/lignite phase-out in Germany. Last, but definitely not least, the recently adopted Clean Energy Package will have a significant impact on the future market design.

These developments are likely to have a major impact on the project of a second interconnector between Belgium and Germany. However, as a lot of these regulatory changes are still about to

enter into force, the exact impact on this project cannot be established today. In order to gain an in-depth view on the impact of these changes, additional grid and market studies will be needed at national and European level.

These studies will set up a sound basis for an assessment as to when and how a potential interconnector can contribute to the social and economic welfare of both sides.