July 2018

A grid upgrade project essential for regional economic development

As the transmission system operator of Belgium's high-voltage grid, Elia's main mission is to transmit electricity from where it is generated to distribution networks to meet consumers' ever-increasing electricity needs. Consequently, Elia plays a key role in the economic development of Belgium's Regions and their main cities. This is particularly true in the Liège and Seraing region, where the socio-economic landscape is undergoing significant changes.

By strengthening its grid and making it more reliable, Elia is supporting local policies and the implementation of major economic development projects, such as those set up under the city of Seraing's 'Master Plan' (Urban Boulevard, Cristal Park, Tech Park, extension of the science park, etc.). By offering a more efficient grid, Elia is also meeting the very significant electricity needs of projects such as the new MontLégia Clinic, the Liège Airport extension, and the Belgian railway (SNCB) facilities at Liers and Ans.

All these projects are essential for revitalising a region undergoing a full-blown economic transition.

June 2018

Reorganisation of the regional grid and introduction of permit applications

Given the significant changes to the socio-economic landscape of Liège (sharp rise in the local population, diminishing heavy industry, economic development, etc.), Elia is having to adapt its grid to meet identified growing short, medium and long-term needs.

The programme dubbed "The Seraing Project" is part of this process of boosting reliability and reinforcing the high-voltage power grid and entails reorganising and optimising the regional meshing of its electricity system.

This local grid optimisation will be achieved by simultaneously implementing six projects in the Seraing area:

  • 2 projects in Seraing itself
    • Reorganisation of injections into the medium-voltage grid at the Seraing substation
    • Reorganisation of the 70 kV injection at Seraing/Tilleur
  • 2 projects in Ougrée
    • Abandonment of the Ougrée HV substation and line connection point bypass.
    • Demolition of a line linking Ougrée and Sart-Tilman
  • 2 projects in Sart-Tilman
    • Reorganisation of the present HV substation at Sart-Tilman
    • Creation of a transition substation enabling an additional supply from the present Sart-Tilman substation via a new underground cable

The first project in Seraing is currently being finalised, whereas licence applications for the other 5 projects are being submitted between May 2018 and the end of 2018. Work is not expected to begin before the end of 2018.

The project

A project designed to optimise the meshing of the regional grid to guarantee security of supply       

Ever intent on managing its infrastructure responsibly, Elia constantly strives to optimise grid use. Accordingly, to meet technical, environmental and economic imperatives, it is implementing a vast project to restructure and reorganise the grid serving Liège. The 6 projects carried out in the Seraing area share a common goal: to reinforce the local grid and safeguard its reliability.

  • 2 projects in Seraing
    • Reorganisation of injections into the medium-voltage grid at the Seraing substation
    • Reorganisation of the 70 kV injection at Seraing/Tilleur

Work designed to reorganise local injections into the medium-voltage grid are scheduled for completion in January 2019.


  • 2 grid reinforcement projects at Sart-Tilman:
    • Installation of a new 220/70kV step-down transformer in the existing HV substation at Sart-Tilman.
    • Construction of a transition substation and installation of an underground cable to interconnect the existing 220 kV link and the new transformer at the Sart-Tilman substation.

Depending on when the permits are granted, all this work should start at the end of 2018 and finish in 2020.


  • 2 infrastructure streamlining projects in Ougrée:
    • Dismantling of the electrical installations at the existing HV substation in Ougrée. To achieve this, a new pylon will have to be erected to interconnect the overhead line in Tilleur to its counterpart in Sart-Tilman.
    • Dismantling of a 70 kV overhead line connecting Ougrée to Sart-Tilman.

Depending on when the permits are granted, work on these projects should start at the beginning of 2020 and finish by the end of that year.


Schedule for the two Sart-Tilman projects


As a responsible company, Elia is deeply committed to the environment and intends to make a positive contribution to the energy transition by focusing on biodiversity, local residents, local partners and stakeholders when developing its grid.

Elia makes every effort to lessen its impact on the environment and integrate its facilities harmoniously into the local landscape.

It is aware that its infrastructure works can affect local residents and the environment. Consequently, we do all we can to limit this potential impact as far as possible.


Elia will keep you regularly informed and will answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us because we strive for total transparency in our relations with local authorities and local residents alike!

  • Free phone number: 0800 18 002
  • e-mail: riverains@elia.be