Key elements of foreseen evolutions included in the tariff proposal 2020-2023


Public consultation on the Elia proposal with regard to the key elements of foreseen evolutions included in the tariff proposal for the period 2020-2023


In the framework of the agreement regarding the procedure for the introduction and approval of the tariff proposal, as agreed and signed between CREG and Elia on 6 February 2018, as Elia organises a public consultation of al market parties and electricity companies concerned by these key elements of foreseen evolutions envisaged in the future tariff proposal 2020-2023.

This tariff proposal 2020-2023 to be submitted by Elia must be prepared in accordance with the tariff methodology 2020-2023 as adopted by the CREG on the 28 June 2018. For your information, please find the Links to the publication by the CREG (in French and Dutch)

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