Public Consultation on the Design Note Real-Time Price (RTP)


Public consultation of the stakeholders on the design note related to the Real-Time Price (RTP) in the context of Elia’s Consumer Centric Market Design (CCMD).


The future will be defined by a rapid increase in renewables and a huge electrification of industrial and residential appliances, both driven by the energy transition and the recent energy crisis. 

In this regard, Elia is calling for an upgraded market design, the Consumer-Centric Market Design ("CCMD"), which addresses this major challenge in terms of integration into the system. Furthermore, the Elia Adequacy Flex Study 2023 clearly identifies increasing needs for flexibility to cope with intermittency of renewable energy sources and to manage the electrification of many residential and industrial appliances.

Elia is convinced that the keys to unleash further flexibility consist in giving an active role to the consumer, at all voltage levels while keeping its participation seamless; and in providing easy-access to digital platforms to support Energy Service Providers in the development of (new) energy services for the consumer.
The Consumer-Centric Market Design combines two main features: 

  • The first pillar is to allow a decentralized exchange of energy, on and behind the head-meter,
  • The second pillar is the evolution to a “Real-Time Price”.

This design note tackles the second pillar by clarifying the rationale for imbalance price evolutions towards a ‘Real-Time Price’, as well as the concrete improvements that Elia has in mind.

Consultation Period

The stakeholders are kindly requested to provide their comments and suggestions. The reactions can be provided to Elia via the form below. The feedback is expected at the latest by Friday 9th February 2024.

After the consultation period, Elia will analyze all comments and feedback from the market parties and will discuss them in one of the next working group CCMD meetings. In case your contribution is to be treated as confidential, please mention it in your answer.


Reply form

Please use the online form to reply to this public consultation:

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