Measures and compensation

Elia strives to limit the impact of its projects on the surrounding area. This page provides more information about the measures taken and compensation awarded.

Measures are introduced and compensation granted based on the following principles :

  • Transparent: the conditions are clear and available to everyone
  • Non-discriminatory: the policy applies to everyone uniformly
  • Proportional: measures and compensation are proportional to the impact of the work
  • Proactive: Elia will notify those covered by a specific measure or eligible for compensation

  • Local Residents

    Compensation available if a new overhead line is built close to your property or land

    if your property or land is within a 125-metre radius at a voltage level from 150kV or 100 meters for a voltage level less than 150kV of the centre of a future overhead line, Elia will get in touch to offer compensation to cover any loss of value incurred.
    A new overhead line or the modification of an existing overhead line can can have a drawback for your property or building land. Elia offsets this disadvantage by means of compensation.

    This compensation is dependent on:

    • the distance between your property/land and the axis of overhead line: the closer the overhead line, the greater the compensation.
    • the voltage level of the overhead line;
    • the value of the property/building ground in question.

    An independent estimator will determine the value of your property/land.

    • If your property or land is within a 35-metre radius at a voltage level from 150kV or 30 meters at a voltage level less than 150kV of the axis of a new overhead line, Elia will offer to purchase your property/building ground. There is no obligation to accept this offer. The amount of the purchase offer is equal to the value of the licensed property/building ground prior to the construction of the new overhead line. The offer remains valid for one year after the commissioning of the overhead line. If you do not want to sell your property, you are of course entitled to compensation offsetting the disadvantage incurred.

    Compensation available if an existing overhead line close to your property or land is modified

    Modifying an overhead line involves dismantling the existing line and replacing it with a significantly a more prominent one.
    If your property or land lies within a 125-metre radius of the axis of the existing an existing overhead line to be modified, Elia will contact you. The compensation available is lower than that for the construction of a new overhead line.
    You will be offered compensation to offset the disadvantage for your property property. This compensation is dependent on:
    • the distance from your property to the axis the existing overhead line; 
    • the voltage level;
    • the value of your property/land (as determined by an independent estimator). 
    Read more about the compensation for the construction of a new overhead line (in French - in Dutch) and the adaptation of an existing overhead line (in French - in Dutch).
  • Farmers

    Compensation available to farmers for work carried out on their land 

    Most of Elia's underground cables are laid under public roads. However, cables are regularly laid on agricultural land for technical or other reasons. Overhead line pylons are also often located in agricultural areas, with new pylons frequently being sited on such land.
    Although Elia seeks to minimise its impact on agricultural land, damage can never be completely ruled out. To ensure that such damage is properly compensated, the method for granting compensation as well as the amounts of compensation available have been set out in a memorandum of understanding concluded with farmers' organisations. The current memorandum dates back to 2012 and is currently being updated.
    If work may impact your land, an Elia employee will contact you to come to an agreement. A topographical survey will also be performed. Agreements and compensation are dependent on the work being carried out by Elia. The memorandum of understanding provides comprehensive information about available compensation depending on the type of work involved.


  • environnementNature and Lanscape

    Measures taken by Elia to limit its impact on the landscape and nature

    During projects that have a very visible impact (e.g. the construction of a new overhead line or high-voltage substation), Elia takes steps to minimise its impact on nature and the landscape. Such measures include:
    • tailoring the design of a high-voltage substation to its surroundings;
    • having a landscape expert propose potential improvements to the landscape (e.g. planting shrubs and rows of trees);
    • allocating a budget to implement the proposed improvements. Elia works with local authorities to determine which suggestions from the landscape expert's report will be covered by the budget.
    The nature measures depend on the environment in which the new overhead line or high-voltage substation is located. Potential measures include:
    • fitting markers on overhead lines so that they are clearly visible to birds;
    • planting trees in areas where existing trees have to be removed;
    • creating 'green stepping stones' to provide safe shelter for animals under high-voltage pylons .


    Read more here (in Dutch)

    Read more here (In French)

  • Community Fund

    Measures taken by Elia to limit its impact on the local community

    When rolling out certain projects, such as the construction of a new overhead line or high-voltage substation, Elia sets up a community fund for residents and associations in the municipalities concerned and for the municipalities themselves. Elia notifies the relevant municipalities of this fund.

    How the community fund works

    Elia adds to the community fund based on a number of project characteristics. The fund supports initiatives that benefit the local community. Alongside Elia's other measures, the community fund serves to improve the surroundings of the local population and mitigate the potential impact of Elia's work.


    Read more here (in Dutch)

    Read more here (in French)

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