Informing, listening and having a constructive dialogue with the residents impacted by its infrastructure projects is a priority for Elia.

Meeting local residents for our infrastructure projects

Elia organises regular information sessions in partnership with affected municipalities, far beyond obligations resulting of permitting procedures. Elia proactively informs its stakeholders, as we trust that transparency is a guarantee of project quality. These sessions inform local residents about the impacts, objectives and challenges of upcoming works, as well as answering any questions they may have. Newsletters, websites and brochures are also used to ensure optimal communication throughout the works.

Cooperating with customers and partners

Elia is committed to maintaining good relations with its customers and its partners, the distribution system operators (DSOs). To this end, it adopts a number of approaches. Naturally, it has key account managers who deal with these parties directly on a day-to-day basis. In addition, events and meetings are organised to keep them informed and collaborate together on Elia's activities, the various products it offers and the future of the electricity system in Belgium.

Inviting local residents to learn about what we do

Elia regularly organizes visits of its installations. In May 2018, Elia held an open day for the public at its brand new Stevin high-voltage substation in Zeebrugge. The visit was part of the Open Site Days, an initiative by the Belgian Construction Confederation which sees a number of projects opened to the general public. It was the first time Elia had taken part in the event. With over 2,000 people attending, the day was a great success. Since then, various initiatives have taken place with political stakeholders, associations and municipalities. Citizens have been invited to visit works of the convertor substation of the Alegro project, and of the towers of the Brabo project to cross the Schelde. This is definitely something we will continue invest in!

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